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The Barbaripedia is a compiled archive for all the information on the Ancient Lands setting. Started many years ago first for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition, after consideration of many more game systems the descision was finally made for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. As the game is released under the Open Game License, all the rules can be copied and reprinted either in original or modified form, which enables the possibility of releasing both suplementary material to the Pathfinder RPG and standalone material that includes all relevant rules. The setting is developed purely on amateur basis with no commercial interest and will be completely available for free. You can share your opinions and input on the development thread in the Giant in the Playground Forum.

The information compiled in this archive is primarily written to represent the knowledge readily available to the people inhabiting the world. It contains detailed accounts of things as they are known and most commonly accepted by experts in the respective fields. Therefore, this site is aimed at both players and game masters without giving away information that should not be known by player characters. Secret knowledge, that is only known to a few non-player characters, will be contained in a special section that should only be visited by GMs intending to run adventures featuring the locations and organizations in question.

The Ancient Lands are a setting for Sword and Sorcery or Heroic Fantasy campaigns and takes lots of inspirations and influences from movies like Conan and Princess Mononoke and video games like Dragon Age and The Witcher. In the Ancient Lands, it is all about the heroes, making a living in a dangerous environment and trying to get by while making a difference. The adventuring life doesn't make one rich and often as much infamous as respected before meeting an untimely death. Bravery and cunning are often the traits that make a great hero, not political influence and magical power. Adventuring often takes the form of fighting raiders and evil cults that threaten remote villages, and exploring the vast wilds of the Ancient Lands, which hide countless abandoned ruins of a past time when magical creatures ruled the world.

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